Aggregated patients health records and disease detection platform

A platform which helps healthcare providers work effectively within hospitals, connect remotely with patients, and conduct medical research that leads to more efficient, more personalized, and ultimately more human care.

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For Healthcare Providers

We’re helping to improve clinicians’ workflow and patients’ outcomes, aggregating patient information, recognizing and alerting problems early in inpatient and outpatient care, proceeding with research over available data.

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For Individuals and Families consolidates data from your smartphone, wearable devices, apps and healthcare providers, so you and your healthcare provider can view all your and your family’s progress in one convenient place.

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Folacare — private blood tests is helping us take control over patient data that we get from laboratories and allows us to share it with the patient directly over a platform web and smartphone apps.
Dr. Olga Samafalava M.D. Folacare

Security and Privacy.

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