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Data-driven health and care.
Right data, right place, right time, right treatment. helps to get and provide access to aggregated patient information, recognizing and alerting problems early for inpatients and outpatients, and progresses research using available data. It improves clinicians’ workflows and patient outcomes.

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Right data.

The patient is at the centre of care.
See full patient medical history.

See full patient health history and habits for timely and accurate care.

Right place.

Track everything in a single space.

Seamless access to data and communication for clinical teams and physicians.

Right time. Right treatment.

Your workspace evolves.

Real Time Clinician and Research Decision Support.

Integrated. Secure. Fast.

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We’ve worked closely with Epic, Cerner, athenahealth and others in the healthcare community to make it easy for you to enable health data from your EHR, LIS, Imagining Systems on doctors and patients smartphones, tablets, computers.

Built with industry standards

The connection between your electronic health record (EHR) and a user’s utilizes FHIR standard APIs as defined by the Argonaut Project. Supported data types are allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures, vitals etc.

Seamless connection

The connection based on OAuth 2.0, which allows users or providers to authenticate once and create an enduring connection to your EHR APIs. The platform will periodically connect to your EHR APIs to get/pull in any new health records and notify the user when new records are available.

Encrypted and secure throughout

When health record data is transferred from a healthcare institution to the platform — it is encrypted while in transit and at rest. When a user’s smartphone, tablet, computer is locked with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID, their health data in the app is encrypted on-device.

Cross-platform is cross-platform and cloud based. It allows you to get authorized access to data whatever device you have and whatever your circumstances. We support all modern web browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox), operating systems (Microsoft, MacOS, Linux), smartphone OS (iOS, Android) and wearable devices (iWatch).

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